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Posts tagged: Birds


by Henry Elfering |

Chrysoprase was known to be a favorite of Alexander the Great. Perhaps, because of it’s delightful green apple color and rumors promoting love, compassion, joy and self-confidence—traits, I’m sure, desired by all conquerors. Chrysoprase is composed of crystals so fine, they are not able to been seen by the naked eye, unlike amethyst, citrine and other quartz gemstones. Chrysoprase is...

A Softer Shade for Fall

by Henry Elfering |

The calendar tells me it’s fall; until now, the weather in New York was not in agreement. I love the change in season.  It always brings about a feeling of change and new adventures, and there is, of course, all of the amazing things people love enjoying these days: sweaters and pumpkin everything that goes with chilly weather, changing leaves, apple picking and of...

Look Out Pink Elephants—Blue Flamingos are Here!

by Henry Elfering |

When I set out to design a bold 18kt yellow gold ring, I let my fantasy take flight. I had a simple, bird-like ring design in mind; I just need to locate the perfect stone. It wasn’t long before I landed upon a beautiful Chalcedony cabochon. The stone dealer noticing my design remarked it’s time for Blue Flamingos! What? You’ve...

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