A Softer Shade for Fall

The calendar tells me it’s fall; until now, the weather in New York was not in agreement. I love the change in season. 

It always brings about a feeling of change and new adventures, and there is, of course, all of the amazing things people love enjoying these days: sweaters and pumpkin everything that goes with chilly weather, changing leaves, apple picking and of course the start of the holiday season. I’m all about it.

When I think of fall colors, for me it’s a lot of oranges, browns, dark reds and burgundies that remind me each year of growing up in a northern suburb of Chicago.Many of these colors are included in the palette of colors Pantone predicted would be hot this season. I think some are slightly richer than last year and include some zesty hues that I think perfectly encapsulate summer’s hesitation to leave each year. 

A pantone color not immediately associated with fall is a soft, feminine pink that is reminiscent of ballet slippers. How unexpected is that? The tone is soft, and just like mother nature's pink that compliments fall colorings, this pink compliments all skin tones.

I have taken my cue from nature and incorporated a beautiful peachy pink Morganite stone in a pair of earrings. My Morganite Crane earrings pictured here are the perfect example of this soft color that’s not only perfect this season, but all seasons and all skin colorings!