Henry Elfering Jewelry

My earliest memories are of a love of nature and a love of animals. I am intrigued with the idea of an inner connection between all living creatures. I am attempting to illustrate my thinking by exploring a visual connection in metal through the use of Zoomorphic imagery—one animal morphing into another. As I glide my pencil across the page, I find myself taken on a creative journey that allows me to explore magical myths and beings.

From time to time I will add sketches both of finished work and work yet to be born. I invite you to take this journey with me and step into my new world where my wearable art reflects the majestic grace of the natural world.

The Dragon Pendant

The Tumbling Dog Pendant is one of the first non zoomorphic image I created. I chose to create this image in a circular form that would signify connection by its endless shape. I really like the tumbling aspect of this character, it's as if the dog is tumbling along in a playful manner. I really like this guy and have found him fun to work into a pair of earrings as well.

You can see the final pendant under the pendant collection on this site.

Blue Flamingo Ring

A favorite of mine. This ring was inspired by the  Large beautiful blue Chalcedony cabochon. The blue reminded me of water and the small diamond reminded me of the sparkles seen on water. All of which lead me to the addition of the birds. I liked the idea of creating a new creature, the blue flamingo, and why not?

You can see the finished ring on this site under rings.

The Emerald Mask Earring

This image came about when I first thought about adding a human figure to the mix of characters. I originally carved this in wax and then transfered the work into a CAD program, added several white diamond accents and a beautiful Columbian Emerald. Today the Mask earring seems timely as it has become necessary to wear a mask in public to help avoid the Covid-19 virus.

The Mask Earring has been created with an emerald and with a Tanzanite both found under the Earring Collection on this site.