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Posts tagged: #Gold #GemGossip #Jewelry Designer #zoomorphicimages

What Are The Dog Days of Summer

by Henry Elfering |

Wikipedia explains historically this is the period following the rising of the dog star Sirius, which Greek and Roman astrology ascribes to late summer as a time of heat, drought, sudden thunderstorms, mad dogs and bad luck. For many of us, the phrase conjures up images of dogs lying about the devastatingly steamy summer lawn panting. I thought it interesting...

Gold…What’s ahead in 2018?

by Henry Elfering |

Now that the crystal ball has dropped and the New Year has arrived, I was curious about the predictions for gold in 2018. We are living in such a chaotic time, that predicting the future, let alone the gold market, almost seems impossible. I ran across an article that caught my attention and I thought I’d pass along what the World...

A Softer Shade for Fall

by Henry Elfering |

The calendar tells me it’s fall; until now, the weather in New York was not in agreement. I love the change in season.  It always brings about a feeling of change and new adventures, and there is, of course, all of the amazing things people love enjoying these days: sweaters and pumpkin everything that goes with chilly weather, changing leaves, apple picking and of...

May & Going for the Gold

by Henry Elfering |

Thanks to Gem Gossip, May is becoming known as the month of Gold. As a jewelry designer working in 18kt yellow gold I feel there is no better way for me to launch the month of May than honoring it with this precious metal often celebrated and lusted over by kings, queens and commoners alike since the beginning of time....

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