Rhythmic Patterns of Nature

     Nature has surrounded my being for as long as I can remember. What prompted me to create jewelry with such fluid patterns? I guess it would be when as a young boy I discovered the craft of making Dandelion jewelry. Hours were spent collecting the soft buttery flowers with their milky stems and fashioning them into chokers, bracelets and sticky rings.

     Perhaps that experience laid dormant until adult hood. On a whim I responded to a part time evening class at Parsons School of Art in New York. The first torch lighting was such an awaking. The young boy who knew no boundaries weaving flowers suddenly found an old passion;ic  jewelry making. The creative energy I responded to years ago holds true for me now as I sketch dynamic patterns and mythical creatures bringing them to life in metal and gemstones.  

     A love of Nature and the animal world along with a sense of connection remain a driving force for my jewelry today. There is a sacred magic and myth for me that emerges from the sketch to the precious metal and the final polished jewelry art.