May & Going for the Gold

Thanks to Gem Gossip, May is becoming known as the month of Gold. As a jewelry designer working in 18kt yellow gold I feel there is no better way for me to launch the month of May than honoring it with this precious metal often celebrated and lusted over by kings, queens and commoners alike since the beginning of time. Aside from the jewelry aspect, gold calls attention to itself not only to jewelry lovers around the world, but also to the many financial gurus’ around the world. Whether gold is found in your pocket or on your wrist, it is important to you.

 The current collection I am featuring on this site is designed and crafted in 18kt yellow gold. I have been drawn to its warm golden color for quite sometime. My collection is about zoomorphic imagery that illustrates the interconnected nature of all living things. Using this noble metal, I have a connection with Mother Earth.

 The yellow gold also provides a continuous journey of visual reflections that remind me of our individual, yet collective journey together on this planet.

 I hope you’ll take time to scroll through the collection and discover a world of interconnection as well as find a reason to celebrate the beauty of nature’s most noble of metals—gold.