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Marie Antoinette's Pearl Pendant

by Henry Elfering |

I pulled this article by Chloe Foussianes because of the amazing sale of Marie Antoinette's pendant. Accoring to Chloe, Sotheby's brought a few of the French queen's jewels to the auction block last November. I found it interesting not only because its historical reference, but also the amazing bidding war that brought in the huge price of $36 million dollars! Nothing would have...


by Henry Elfering |

Chrysoprase was known to be a favorite of Alexander the Great. Perhaps, because of it’s delightful green apple color and rumors promoting love, compassion, joy and self-confidence—traits, I’m sure, desired by all conquerors. Chrysoprase is composed of crystals so fine, they are not able to been seen by the naked eye, unlike amethyst, citrine and other quartz gemstones. Chrysoprase is...


by Henry Elfering |

Garnet continues as a popular gemstone today. It serves as a birthstone for the month of January. Most people will think of a red gemstone when they hear the name "garnet" because they are not aware that garnet occurs in a variety of colors. However, gem-quality garnets occur in every color - with red being the most common and blue...

49-Carat ‘Whitney Flame Topaz’ at the Smithsonian Museum

by Henry Elfering |

A gem you really have to see to believe it. The color and beauty of this gemstone is astounding, making it a gem that is probably one of the finest in the world. It is truly one of Mother Earth’s treasures. Unearthed from the topaz mines in Ouro Preto in Brazil where 1 to 2 percent of all imperial topaz are...


by Henry Elfering |

Rather than talking about a particular jewelry trend in this blog, I am reminded of the seasonal changes taking place now that the end of October is fast approaching. The first week of November has always been a time of festivals and celebrations marking the end of the harvest and beginning of winter. The end of harvest marked the end...

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