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What's Your Story?

by Henry Elfering |

Engagement rings with todays perspective—a personal design and story that will last forever!

One, Two, or Three!

by Henry Elfering |

Lucky Gemini, you have a choice of 3 gemstones­—Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone. June is one of the only two months that has three birthstones. Choose between a creamy-colored pearl or opalescent moonstone to the rare color-changing Alexandrite, a gem that mimics your changing personality. First up, Pearls, shown above are a pair of earrings I created using South Sea Pearls....

What is Craftsmanship?

by Henry Elfering |

My simple definition… a skilled artistan whose quality of design and work shows in what is made. It’s a skill that is motivated by mastery and can often feel meditative to the artist. There is a passion for the work that is produced coupled with an attitude that believes this is important and as such so is the end value...

Past, Present: A Legendary Symbol

by Henry Elfering |

Valentine’s Day left me thinking about engagement and wedding rings. This is a custom that has continued over time, but heck what caused us to declare our commitment with a ring in the first place? After all mankind has been sporting rings since its early antiquity. It seems the engagement ring was introduced by the Romans. Knowing the love this...

Romancing the Stone

by Henry Elfering |

Aquamarine, named for the Latin phrase "water of the sea", is a blue to blue-green beryl. A close cousin to Emerald and Morganite, Aquamarine is the second most popular gem beryl. Its identity is defined by its color. The deeply saturated blue gem is the most desirable color of Aquamarine.  I personally love the variety of color, like the sea,...

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