What's Your Story?

It’s all about you, or it should be! I recently took on a commission for an engagement ring. The request was to search out a particular center stone that had special meaning to the couple. Today’s engaged or about to be engaged couples are charting their own course. No longer do they feel compelled to follow the traditions of earlier generations.

When Kate Middleton accepted Prince William’s proposal, it was accompanied with a sparkling Blue Sapphire center stone surrounded by white diamonds. The blue sapphire in Kate’s engagement ring had belonged to Prince Williams mother, this provided a personal connection to his mother. I believe this was the beginning of engagement rings that were designed with a personal meaning to a couple.

The engagement of Prince Harry to Megan Markle continued the trend. The 3 stone sparkler Harry commissioned for his bride was a center diamond from Botswana (a special place for the couple) and two surrounding diamonds that belonged to Prince Harry’s mother, Diana. This latest public engagement furthered the trend of consumers more focused on the meaning behind their designed ring.

The result is a timeless design loaded with personal meaning. Prospective wedding couples are no longer pressured to buy diamonds or spend three months’ salary just because it’s the expected norm. I welcome this trend of blending design with a personal meaning. I love how people are eager to put a part of themselves into the design of their special ring that will have a lasting impact.  Congratulations to Harry and Megan and all of you about to commit to one another. By creating an engagement ring that has a meaningful story, you will not only have a beautiful ring, but a ring that will live long past your wedding day.