Morganite—a touch of BLUSH!

I am excited about a pair of earrings I completed using a pair of Morganite drops. Morganite is a rare, pink semi-precious gemstone of the beryl family. Alongside emerald and aquamarine, morganite is certainly the best-known gemstone from the colorful group of the beryls. Women the world over love morganite for its fine pink tones which radiate charm, esprit and tenderness.

Morganite is pink in nature, but is usually treated with irradiation to improve its color and bring out the pinkish lavender hues. In nature, Morganite is sometimes streaked with lines of yellow or orange, and irradiation eliminates these other colors to create a beautiful gemstone that is all one flawless color. 

Morganite jewelry should never be placed in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Simply use a solution of warm soapy water to soak the Morganite in, and rinse off with cold water and polish with a soft cloth to clean your Morganite jewelry.